Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Saint Michael triumphant over the Devil with the Donor Antonio Juan -- Bartolomé Bermejo

See the picture here.

‘I’ll put the devil out of frame. Just a tail or so to–’

‘That’s not what I want, Bartolomé. I want something to make the children squeal.’

‘I see. I’ll have a think about it, AJ.’

‘You should speak to Mijo.’

‘Mijo the drunk?’

‘He saw the devil once. It’s why he drinks.’

‘I see.’


‘Mijo, tell the man what you saw.’

‘Señores, It had the head of a fish and four eyes. Two in the usual Godfearing place, and two on its nips. Red ones. And it had chicken’s arms…’

‘Chickens don’t have…’

‘Chicken’s feet for arms. With snake elbows.’

‘Snakes don’t have…’

‘Shh, AJ, don’t interrupt him – this is useful.’

‘And a tongue like this…’

‘Put it away Mijo. No-one’s…’

‘Let him speak. Go on Mijo.’

‘Bat wings and the ears for hearing of sins. And a mouth in its belly. With snakes and the hindquarters of a goat…’

‘In its belly, Mijo?’

‘No, behind its forequarters. A lizard’s tail, with spines and…’

‘This man’s an idiot. I’ve wasted your time, Bartolomé. Snakes’ elbows.’

‘No, wait, he’s given me an… Mijo, this is for you. Maybe spend it on a bath and a shave… No? Well whatever pleases you. Come on AJ. Let’s take a stroll round the fish market, and then to Brutus’ slaughterhouse. I’ll paint you a devil that will have children fleeing the church.’

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lauren said...

omg--i'm LOVING this whole series! fantastic idea and i love what you have done with it. (the 43 things site is cool, also)

i think this is my favorite...well, so far, anyway...(i'm working backwards) the conversation is hilarious & believable (snake's elbows, for sure!) really HAD me, tho, when the painter calls the donor "AJ"!!! :)

i'm pretty sure this is one of my 3BT's for today!